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HD’s service providing reliable maintenance and modernization system to keep pace with a building’s changing face and function.  In all areas of service, HD is committed to inspiring total customer confidence.


HD Service Technicians have the integrity, expertise and dedication to fit customers’ needs and equipment types.  Ultimately, the right maintenance at the right time improve life span of the equipment.http://www.hdelevator.com.tw/images/stories/service/service_002EN.jpg

1.      Routine maintenance

2.      Customers

3.      Network of branch offices and service centers

4.      SOS from customers

5.      CommunicationsCenternotify service centers.

6.      Emergency Service

7.      Repair、Inspect 、Adjust

8.      Service comes first at HD


HD offers a variety of maintenance programs ( including Monthly Maintenance、Seasonal Maintenance、Semi-annual Maintenance and Annual Maintenance ) and building support systems to fit customers’ needs and equipment types.  With our network of branch offices and service centers, our staff provides service 24 hours, 365 days a year.  This network ensures rapid response and minimal downtime.