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By using microcomputer & intelligent control to achieve the steady operation.  It is used accurately control the speed of elevator and reduce the wear-down of motor so that the quiet, smooth and accurate running can be fulfilled.

Standard specification

Voltage : .3 Phase 200v / 220v / 380v / 415v / 440v
Frequency : 50 / 60HZ
Driving : VVVF Control ( Rope Type)
               Y–△ エ( Hydraulic)
Stops : 40
Indicator : Segment / Dot Martix
Speed : 30 ~ 360m/min
Group : 7 Cars
Function : Passenger/Freight/Hospital/Resident


●Helical Gear Traction Machine

The helical gear is made of high-grade alloy steel by high precision manufacturing technology.  It is thoroughly heat-treated and processed.  It can achieve low-noisy、stable、smooth and high efficiency transmission, thus the best gear for the elevator.

Our technical achievement with the design and production of the big heavy-duty Helical Gear Machine. 

l  Precise design & High efficiency

Due to precise design and manufacture by modern computer technique machine.  It can reach 95% of efficiency and save energy.

l  Small machine and 20-35% weight less then worm gear machine.  It suitable for machine room or machine roomless elevator to use.

l  Steady temperature rising and low-noisy.

l  Reliable with variable design.

Specification : 2000kg 60 m/min、5000kg 45 m/min、6000kg 30 m/min、10000kg 15 m/min、20000kg 15 m/min

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