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Optional Equipment

Emergency Interphone System

Connect to single elevator system, it can be dial the telephone to out line automatically.   When the calling button was be tapping for emergency, it will connect to the management center for responding to take action.

Easy installed, can replace the interphone in the machine room or control room.  Low power consumption during stand by condition.


Earthquake Running Control

An earthquake detect sensor installed, when a earthquake shock is reach the predetermined level, the system is change to earthquake mode immediately, and the car shall parking to the next available floor, door keeping opening.  For a predetermined time passed the door close automatically.


Uninterrupted Power Supply ( UPS )

When a power failure occurs, this operation shall bring the car to the next landing and allow passengers to exit the elevator.


Multi Beam Sensor

When the door just begin to closing, and the passenger approaching or exiting the car, that will cause infrared beams cut-off and make the door to stop and reopen until the predetermined time passed, the door attempt to close again.


Non-Stop Floor Setup

This function provides for setup which floors hall call will no accept.


IC Card Control (ICC)

Apply IC Card shall prevent calls from registering to restricted landings.  Therefore, to ensure passengers privacy and security, it is the essential function to modernize buildings.



Remote Monitoring System ( RMS)

The RMS via internet provides on line monitor the elevators attached to the system.  When an elevator emergency event occurs, the elevator system shall initiate an emergency call to the elevator command center.   System shall receive and process any emergency call by displaying the event on the monitor screen, sending a message to a service man, also the center can talk to the passenger directly.