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Enhance your elevator with flexibility and service.


Do your lifts

※    incur frequent breakdowns ?

※    poor ride quality ?

※    the leveling disparity is too large ?

※    antiquated décor ?

※    outdated lift system ?

※    most of parts already stopped production, maintenance is difficult ?


It’s the time to modernize your lifts !

   HD Modernization Solutions is your Best Choice !


Customized Solutions:


*    From simple cosmetic refurbishment of cabs to total overhauling or replacement of the entire system.  Your needs and budget are the determining factors.

*    Giving you the lift you need.

*    Enhance your lift with flexibility and service.

*    Save money with our flexible design that works with existing features and future upgrades.

*    HD provides innovative lift solutions and you can be assured that you are getting the best products.

*    Our modernization department offers easy specification, cost-effectiveness and quick delivery.

*    HD modernization solutions keep the lifts and automatic doors running safely and reliable for the lifetime of the building.

*    Apply HD’s innovative, quality-built components to your aging system to improve overall performance and give new life to your building.


Whether geared or gearless, our modernization experts can recommend customized and innovative solutions to improve your elevator system’s appearance and performance and reduced energy consumption.  HD Elevator will work as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize downtime.


Our latest technology innovations ensure that HD elevators provide an even smoother ride with less noise and vibration.